Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday's Musing"s

I know, it has been a couple of months.

Life is different in the Nielsen home but we embrace the ever-changing seasons of our lives! A run down of our children:
Chad is still in LA working - yes, working is a good thing when you are a Architect in this current economy. Kayla and I along with my parents were able to see him in February but everyone else has not seen him since Christmas. But, he will be home for Christmas this year and we are excited!

Cort is currently working on his Master's in School Counseling doing night classes. During the day he is a stay-at-home Dad to Lincoln and keeping up with his homework. Chandra is at a new private school this year which just specializes in students with learning/emotional disabilities and is loving not having the restraints of answering to a school district and their want for better test scores to get better funding and not caring about the students. She cares about her students and wants them to succeed as much as they can in life and works hard with them. She is a saint!

Kelsy & Jeff are really loving the Gilbert area and Jeff is enjoying his job too! We as parents and grandparents are really loving that they love Gilbert too as 2 hours away is soooo much better than 13!

Chanelle & Tyler moved from Salt Lake to Saratoga Springs to help with Tyler's commute to work but still close enough for Chanelle to finish up with her Interior Design degree. This has been a great move for them as they love the area and their ward plus being closer to some family members. Chanelle will be done in April and has really enjoyed being employed by Osmond Designs and hopes to pick up some work in her field soon.

Kayla is really liking BYU-I except for the cold! She is learning a lot, probably maturing, dating quite a bit and even talking about staying the summer and finding a job. Living with 5 girls has been a challenge but she is weathering through it!

Ric and I just plug along in the quiet house. He is still serving in the Young Men program and I am in the Relief Society presidency of ward. We recently joined a Gym - believe it or not, Ric's idea! We are looking forward to Christmas with everyone home at once!


Reina said...

Loved this update!! I can't believe you have an empty house!! I feel like the two little ones are still babies (even if one is married) And tell Chad I miss him and to look me up!!-Reina

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