Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Signs of Hope

This is what happens to things like citrus in Arizona
when you have an unusually devastating freeze.
You are looking at one of our lime trees with a
grapefruit in the back where it too is frozen a
couple of weeks after the fact.

Now, warmer weather is producing hope! We are
seeing new growth on the orange, tangerine, kumquat and
grapefruit but, the lime trees are not so quick to come back.
Our big lime may be ok but the little one may need to be
replaced. Besides the citrus, 1 out of 5 queen palm trees so
far seems to have survived.
I still have some hope!


Heather said...

Our lemon tree looked like there was no way it was coming back.... but it IS! Poor thing looks hideous still, but there is the "sign of hope". Love seeing green growth near the dead limbs!

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