Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Short Stuff

* Got Jeff, Kelsy & the kids moved to Gilbert from Utah!
* Jeff is loving his job so far and glad to not be a student anymore.
* Kayla is working long hours as a lifeguard and saving money for school.
* She and I are gathering apartment stuff for her departure to BYU-I.
* Our State is on fire in many places... Fasting and praying for rain to come.
* Tyler started a new job in Utah being a doing maintenance on drone planes for the US Army.
* Cort has a new job for fall as a Teacher's assistant with a disability class that will allow him to do his Master's program plus give him some experience.
* Chandra also got a new job with a pay increase at a private Middle school for kids with Emotional Disabilities - her passion. Yes, she will automatically go to the Celestial Kingdom for her endeavors!
* Ric has a new Church calling along with his Young Men's calling to be the Stake Public Relations Rep.
* I have a new calling also working with the younger girls in Activity Days. Very fun stuff!
* Chad will be running his own project this summer with his Architecture firm in California.
* Life moves rather quickly!

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Jessica said...

Aaron was happy to run into you guys in the Salt Lake airport! Too bad I wasn't there to say hello as well! How fun for you to have all your babies within 2 hours now!! I have been seeing all the fire news in AZ and hoping that rain will come soon for you guys. Meanwhile, we are expecting flooding here...why can't there be some happy medium??